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Monday, May 2, 2011

Pilgrims House Inn

Pilgrims House Inn -- Spring Street, Newport, RI

On April 20, 2011 during our Ghost Walk of Newport Village we visited the Pilgrim Inn, located on Spring St in Newport Village, the street behind Trinity Church to your left, on the left hand side of the road.

We walked up the road and came upon the Pilgrim Inn.  A very small almost house like building that if you aren't really looking for it specifically ( like many establishments in the village) you may not notice it at all.  We  of course snapped our photos and tried to take as much in as possible.  With traffic that was there at the time, being a tow truck was blocking traffic,  it was a bit noisy and hard to really take it all in the way we like to, during our investigations.

However, we did get a few shots of the inn and while inspecting them later on, found this image.  I must admit, I had inspected the photos we took of the inn numerous times before coming upon this particular shot. I noticed at first the very bright white light that was coming from the window.  At first I thought it was no more then a reflection or curtain or some sort.  Perhaps that's why it took some time before I decided to actually zoom in on this area.  Upon zooming in, I noticed that it does " appear" to be the apparition of a  figure or face of some sort.   Due to the fact, that we have in the past found that a crack, or back lighting through an unseen window can create the " illusion" of an apparition. Leaving us reluctant to classify this as a true apparition ( at this time).  Mind you corner windows often do have another window to the other corner which can most definitely create this effect ( at times).   We did think it worthy enough to show, however we would be remiss not to mention the possibilities.  So, with pause we call this an " apparition".   We will allow the viewers to make up their own minds, and decide for themselves.

Paul and I are most hopeful and have it on the " touring" list for next year.

For more on " Jessica" the Ghost thought to be haunting the Pilgrims Inn, please visit this lovely blog to read more:  Midwest Guest ... Mostly Midwestern Meanderings

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