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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brenton Stables

Brenton Point Park -- Newport, RI  -- "Brenton Stables"

                               The view upon approaching the abandoned dilapidated "Stables".

In April of 2011 Paul and I traveled to Brenton Point Park in Newport, RI.  It was a rather dreary, cold overcast day.   Making the trip and what we were about to experience even more ominous.

Paul and I approach each case skeptically.  Often old  disheveled  buildings  are coined "haunted", even when there is absolutely no reported paranormal activity going on.  In the case of the Brenton State Park Stables, we quickly debunked that theory.

Closer view of the Stables 

As we approached the all too eerie building we both immediately felt a strange " calm", almost like a calm before a great storm.  Quietly we walked closer to the stables taking our pictures and carefully looking for any signs of paranormal activity.   Because the site is now a "ruins", and there is collapsing walls, stones, and ceilings we were unable to go inside the stables. The area is also fenced off   and has posted signs  " No Trespassing". Slowly we made our way around the building  to where the tower remains.  At one time it was a windmill, now only a mere reminder of the great fires that raged through this magnanimous property.  Ultimately the cause if it's demise.

                                                   Pictures of the old windmill at Brenton State Park.

As we made our way from the windmill back the front of the stables, we both stood in silence to really listen for any paranormal activity.   The only experience we were having was the sense of being watched or closely guarded as we made our way around the grounds.  At times while making our way around the grounds,  there was an overwhelming sense to get any closer into the stables would warrant action from the unseen world around us.

Paul and I stood for close to twenty minutes before both of us could no longer keep what we were experiencing to ourselves.   We both heard what seemed like far away voices, and sounds.  Straining hard myself to hear, I could hear the sounds of a young women or girl talking to what sounded like a man.  It was hard to make out as if there were many people behind them or around them also talking at the same time, drowning them out to an extent.  I could not make out what they were saying but they talked as if unaware anyone was tapping into their frequency to hear them.  Their talking was not scary in anyway, except for the fact there was not a single soul in the area except for Paul, who was two feet in front of me, silent.

The next thing we both heard simultaneously  was the rustling of phantom hay, or straw.  As if someone was slowly stepping up towards us. When we would stop to look, or speak to each other to validate we were both hearing what we thought we were hearing  the sound would stop immediately.   Whatever it was wanted to  remain unseen, but was very protective of their stables.

 At one point I actually gasped as I heard what appeared to be a horse snorting out it's breath only a few feet in front of me inside the stables . My eyes were open and looking forward the entire time. There simply was no horse, or anything that could have created that sound to be found anywhere.

Paul and I were sure to look around the area during our investigation and after for any possible explanations that would give us answers for what we had both  heard.  Perhaps a nearby house, people talking from near by cars or other structures where sound could echo, vibrate, or bounce off from, only to find no such possibility available to us.  We both heard paranormal activities taking place and we both heard the same things at the same times, completely ruling out our own imagination at work.

We went into Brenton State Park skeptical, we came out believers.  Brenton State Park is most definitely a Paranormal Portal, not merely a legend.

After the Investigation

Later that evening when we began inspecting our photos, we did come across some paranormal findings.   

What appears to be orbs or ectoplasm has been picked up on our camera's.  When zoomed in we can see there is a distinct energy mass being picked up on in these pictures.  Had the sun been out at all that day we would have dismissed it as sun.  However no sun was visible at all.    Had the cloud cover been low enough or had it been foggy, we would have dismissed it as fog. However that wasn't the case.    We weren't taking the photos from behind any sort of glass or otherwise reflective surfaces that this could be a mere illusion of reflection.   We have carefully inspected this mysterious energy, and find it to be of a paranormal nature.  Along with what we experienced and heard this day at Brenton State Park Stables, Paul and I are certain this is indeed a place of paranormal activity.

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  1. my favorite place to hang out as a teenager oh man so glad i found this page!!! if you had been brave enough to cross the fence and went inside as all of the locals do you would have seen a staircase still remaining inside the stables. HOwever that staircase is completely blocked off at the top with wood planks and one day also on a cloudy day, my friends and i had gone inside to hang out and as we were sitting on the staircase we knocked on the wooden wall and immediately there was a knock in response from the other side but there is absolutely no wa to get to the other side of th wall without taking it down.. We freaked out and ran outside and when we got outside and looked back we swore there was what seemed to be a young boy upstairs in one of the open "windows" but he turned away so fast. As we were talking about this another day we decided to go back but only to climb the tower and as we were climbing it, all we could hear was someone crying it sounded like but it was so distant so we went down and went back to the stables and we all heard what sounded like a horse whinnying.... and yes every time ive gone there it is an eerie calm feeling.